Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 5 Months Jude!!

A little bio on Jude’s life at 5 months:

1. His favorite toys rank as following: Silly Buddy Rabbit, Tag Blanket, Plastic Links, and Sophie the Giraffe (he loves that girl’s legs.)
2. He started rolling over from back to tummy this last week. Well actually his arm gets stuck and he needs to be touched ever so lightly on the shoulder to make it over. (There’s some controversy in the Hutson home as to whether or not this counts.)
3. Sucking on his hands has reached a new level. Now, it’s to the point where he sticks his entire hand in his mouth, chokes, gets watery eyes, sometimes spits up, and then smiles from ear to ear.
4. He watches us intently as we eat. But the funny thing is, even though he sticks everything in his mouth, when you stick a piece a food in front of him he just stares at it and looks back and forth from the food to mama, from mama to the food.
5. Singing “Oklahoma!” like a crazy person in the kitchen instantly calms him down. Not sure why….hee hee.
6. He likes to sit in front of the window and watch the cars and commuter rail go by and have a little wind in his face.
7. He found his feet last week. His mission now seems to be trying to get his foot into his mouth. He has a ways to go.
8. For some funny reason, he likes to hear mama count to ten. He thinks it’s quite entertaining.
9. He loves to sleep in extreme heat. When mama is miserably hot, he sleeps like a baby.
10. Zac Brown Band still comatoses him anytime he’s not happy. No joking, Zac Brown cranked up very loud instantly quiets him every time. It’s magical.
11. He hates to have his nose picked. (Mama loves it.)
12. He loves the outdoors. Whenever laying on a blanket outside he really explores the different octaves of his voice.
13. The most exciting development during the last month is (drum roll please)…..
It is by far the most wonderful sound you’ve ever heard. Ever. My goal in life now revolves around figuring out ways to make this little guy laugh.Whenever you hear it, your heart just might explode.


  1. This just might be your best post so far! The picture says a thousand words. I love it! Of course his love of the outdoors comes from Grandma Suzanne, and believe it or not I used to sing at the top of my lungs and it would quiet you & Adam too. Don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't think it's the song choice that quiets him :)

  2. This pic made me laugh out loud! He is such a big boy! Kiss him for us, LY Grammy Jill

  3. Auburn - Great Post!! I love #2 because I know it's my brother causing the controversy - seriously, Brett, listen to your wife...it counts!! I love #3 because I can totally picture Jude doing that and his cousin LOVES sucking on his hands/fist too! :) SO funny! But, I have to agree, there's nothing better than their sweet laugh! :) Love you 3! Aunt Brooke & Boys :)

  4. Can I tell you how much I love knowing that I'm not the only mother who gets a thrill out of picking her baby's nose? :) And we too sing LOTS of "Oklahoma" in the Poe home! Gotta be sure these boys know their roots!