Monday, August 30, 2010

Jude Welcomes Home His Cousins

Jude's cousins and Aunt and Uncle have been living in Cairo, Egypt for about a year and a half. (Auburn's brother.) They were headed back to Oklahoma for a visit, but we welcomed them back for a 2 day layover in New York. So 4 adults lugged around 4 kids and we had a blast!! The weather was perfection, and we had only a few manageable tantrums or meltdowns.

Welcome back Pray family!! Liz and Caroline got about 2 hours of sleep on a 13 hour flight...Liz's expression says it all. She's an amazing mama and sets a high standard--one I will always be striving for in my own parenting.

Adam had been dreaming of Dunkin Donuts, and it was literally steps away from the baggage claim.

Times Square

The American Museum of Natural History. Jude wore his dinosaur shirt in anticipation of the T-Rex.

Staten Island Ferry. The kids loved it!

That's the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Our frantic attempt to get a family pic with the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty disappeared with the flash. Ah well.

Pray family pic and Cairo at his best.

We lost count of how many hot dogs the Pray's consumed. It was
And come to find out it seems all the vendors in New York are Egyptian. Crazy. Adam's Arabic came in handy because he ended up getting free hot dogs and bottles of water just by striking up conversation.

Adam told us in order to prepare Jude for his cousins we should stick him in a pen of warthogs. Since I don't have any access to warthogs, mama tried to prepare Jude for his cousins by throwing soft innocuous balls at his head in the weeks prior to their arrival. As expected, Jude went through this right of passage like a champ and got his first goose egg on the back of his head when Cohen thought he could stand on his own and then let go of him.

Jude loves his cousins and Aunt & Uncle!!! Now come visit us in Boston!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Solids?? Maybe.

So not only has Jude refused the bottle, but for the last seven weeks he has refused solids. My little high maintenance man starts choking, gagging, and turning red if even a tiny droplet of pureed food touches his lip. Sheesh. I had no idea little people didn't like food. Allow me to list in order the different pureed foods I've lovingly cooked for my little man, only for him to gag at a mere droplet:

bananas. apples. rice cereal. sweet potatoes. oatmeal. sweet peas. rice cereal again. pears. 

All this to say, Jude may end up skipping the baby pureed cuisine and head right for table food. Last week at the farmer's market I bought a peach and decided to pop it in his mouth just to see what he would do. He munched on it for a few seconds, gave me some shocking looks, as if to say "What is this juicy goodness?" But even that lasted only a few seconds. I bought a few more from the same market this afternoon, and he chomped on that sweet squishiness for a good while. He kept opening his mouth wide for more, more, more! After a few sucks of the juice and some pulp in his mouth though he would give the look as if to say, "I don't know about this..."

I see many peaches in our future.


Jude: "I'm all done mama."
Mama: "Okay, my little peach."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six Years

Brett and I celebrate SIX years of marriage today!!
Happy Anniversary Love.

Our little friend Grace celebrated her first Birthday today! Grace's mom (Ms. Samantha) is Jude's nanny. She and Grace watch Jude for about ten hours a week while I see clients. Jude loves Ms. Samantha!! She has been super patient and loving to Jude throughout his refusal of bottles and food. We thank God for her and her willingness to love on Mr. Cranky-pants! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is what Jude thinks of his binky, or bottle for that matter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally! After months and months of agony, Jude's two bottom teeth broke through the gums this morning!
Our 7 month old has teeth!!

Look closely, they're in there:

Jude would like to thank the following:

Without these friends, the long battle of getting the tips of these teeth to the surface would have been torturous, painful, irritating, long...oh wait teething was all those things. 

He Moves

Jude has insisted on doing things different since the beginning.
Jude's version of crawling:

Try changing this boy's diaper while he's doing the backwards crawl. 
...this is why all diaper changes have to be done on the floor now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Are Free!

Goodbye Suffolk. Goodbye night school. Goodbye studying. Goodbye textbooks, presentations, papers, case analysis.
Hello parks, swings, the Public Garden, beach, and lots of unscheduled-time-unlimited playtime with Daddy!! Brett is finished with school. Done. Complete. Concluded. Terminado.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boost of Joy

Jude and I unexpectedly had a week long visit with family.
It was a sweet time of being with family and reminiscing about Jude's Great-Grandma Nita. Jude was a small bit of joy during a tough week for the whole family.

Jude was getting some stretch time on the terminal floor during our layover in Chicago. I have one word to describe travel with a 7 month old:


Jude was introduced to Ted's Cafe Escondido and had a small taste of re-fried beans.

I love this pic because it shows ever-so-lightly the tan on his legs from our daily stroller walks.

Pops introduced Jude to American Pickers on the History channel. Teaching him young the art of treasure hunting.

Jude loves his "touch and feel" baby book. It keeps him occupied for minutes upon minutes. His little hands go for the soft fur on every animal, every time. (It was mama's lifesaver on the airplane!)

I haven't celebrated a Birthday with family in 6 years. I stuffed myself with fried mushrooms and Hideaway Pizza.

Jude officially waves.
...and he waves with his left hand...

Enjoying some quality naked diaper time with Grandma Suzanne. It barely got below 100 degrees during our visit.

Okay, I have to say it.

One of my very favorite parts about visiting family is getting to enjoy food I don't get in Massachusetts.

No one does a shake like the Braum family.

I had two of these, and wish I could of had one everyday.

I miss you already Braum's.