Friday, October 29, 2010


It’s our last full day in Beverly. Tomorrow we head for our new home.

Goodbye Beverly.
Goodbye Commuter Rail.
Goodbye Burger King and all your riffraff.
Goodbye Jack and Ginger.
Goodbye 3 flights of stairs.
Goodbye One-Eyed Joe.
Goodbye Dane St. Beach.
Goodbye Independence Park.
Goodbye Crunchy Granola Baby.
Goodbye Weathervane and your clam chowder & generous drinks.
Goodbye Corolla.
Goodbye City of Lynn.
Goodbye Prinzi’s and your Monday night specials.
Goodbye Public Garden.
Goodbye Mr. Dooley’s.
Goodbye Mass General and all your sweet memories.
Goodbye New England Fall.
Goodbye extended family at 7 Mile Road.

Goodbye Massachusetts. You’ve been wonderful to us.

Hello New York City.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Dino

Beverly Main Street's Association held their annual Trick-or-Treating among all the businesses on Cabot Street. The festivities were a little too close to Jude's bed time so he was a bit lethargic through the whole process. But we had fun showing off our little Dinosaur and seeing all the townies come out for candy. ...and Brett may have found his new "neighborhood" bike in our local used bike shop.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday Morning

A little bit of peek-a-boo, Sophie, finding lint on the floor, and a tad of Jude cruising around the couch.

We have to go packing now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Packing, Packing, and More Packing

We are crazy busy packing and making arrangements to move one week from tomorrow. At times we feel like we're on top of things, and then the next hour it all just seems like too much to get done!

Jude has the right idea. We like to stick our tongue out at packing. Yuck.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So it's official. I'm legally allowed to make the announcement on the world wide web.

Brett is the new Analyst in the Revenue Management department at JetBlue. 

Allow me a few minutes to digress from Jude, to explain how proud we are of Brett and how humbled we are at this opportunity---both to start a home in New York and to become a part of the JetBlue team. If you don't already know, for 2.5 years Brett worked full time and went to night school getting his MBA. Part of those years was spent taking care of a pregnant wife, preparing for our baby, and then becoming a Dad. He had many, many, long days of work, school, and studying. Then, as he was finishing school during the last 6 months of his degree program he was in hot pursuit of JetBlue. I can't even begin to go into details of how God has pruned, refined, and changed our hearts over the last 6 months. We have had an incredible 6 months, of patience, rejection, anticipation, contriteness, and an ever-so-deepening love for New York. The impact all of this has had on Brett has been profound. I am thankful each and every day that he is my husband.  Our journey this year has brought us closer together and forced us to trust God in a big way----to remind ourselves that He delights in answering our prayers....and to remind ourselves that He does everything for His namesake, not ours.
Whoo. Now onto some pics of Jude and his blue jet. I thought about just picking the most posed pic, but thought the bloopers were much better. (Getting a smiling 9 month old, the blue jet, and the I LOVE Dad shirt in the pic turned out to be here are the outtakes.)

All that to say, JetBlue's headquarters is in Queens. Therefore in a little over 2 weeks we will load up the Uhaul and head for Queens.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

9 Months Stats

Jude turned 9 months old this week.

Weight: 19.44lbs (32 percentile)

Length: 30 inches (93 percentile)

Head Circumference: 18 inches (63 percentile)

--Our little man is standing up everywhere nowadays, which is why we think his chunky thighs have slimmed down a bit. He's been smack dab in the middle of the percentiles for weight since birth. At 9 months he significantly dropped down from "average."
--He is loving peek-a-boo more than ever. He joins in on the game now and moves toys or books from his face, after asking "Where's Jude?" He giggles so hard at just the mere question.
--He crawls all over the house.  For whatever reason it is mesmerizing and adorable all at once to observe. Our baby crawls.
--He knows his own name and will stop mid-crawl if you call him.
--He understands "NO." We have not fully baby-proofed, so one particular "no-no" that Jude is attracted to is electrical cords. No matter how well we hide a computer cable or phone charger, Jude will spot them.
--He loves to bang his hands and grunt in victory when he pulls up on a piece of furniture or the window sill. He conquers the ottoman about 20 times a day.  His funny battle cry either sounds like a Pterodactyl or Flipper. We can't decide which.
--His hair on the left side of his head is growing like one big calic...or one big curl. It refuses to stick down, even when using a little of Daddy's pommade.  Strangers (and friends) are always asking if he has "sleepy head." We just say yeah and move on, but it's not sleepy head.
--He still thinks gravity is funny. We usually get a great belly laugh by throwing something in the air. 
--Bulldog is still his most popular nickname, but Rover is a close second.
 --Friends and strangers who see Jude quickly state he looks like an "old soul" or he looks "wise" or that he's the "smiley-est" baby they've ever seen. And then we just beam with pride and say "Why, thank you."

Jude and Daddy playing in the mirror after work:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lil' Pumpkin

We took our little pumpkin to a pumpkin patch this afternoon.

The sunshine and crisp air made for a perfect Fall day.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Living Room/Playground

Everyday, all day, Jude entertains himself by pulling out the DVD baskets under the T.V.

And munchin' on the DVD's one at a time.

During nap time mama is replacing all the baskets.

Oh, and he crawls like a big boy now. Tummy off the ground.