Monday, February 28, 2011


We were told it was inevitable. We had spent 3 months in our new apartment and thought we had lucked out. We naively thought we could avoid the inevitable.
But then it happened.
The urban critters infiltrated our home.
We had a down right disgusting infestation. And New York initiation or not, I hate sharing my home with critters.
After the numbers hit double digits in our home, we did what only sane New Yorkers would do.
We got a mouse hunter, aka cat.

And since Brett was in the cruel habit of singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song while bludgeoning his kill, we named our new family member Mickey.

We found 1 year old Mickey at a shelter in Brooklyn. He was one of 19 cats taken from a hoarders home. He has a small cold and was sent home with antibiotics. He's been adjusting well and loves to cuddle.

Jude thinks Mickey and his tail are new toys. So far Mickey is a calm, even tempered cat that is taking the brunt of Jude's curiosity. It's been fun to watch Mickey make Jude giggle.

I'm happy to report no critters since bringing Mickey home!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spoiled x 10

We're in Pops and Grammy withdrawals.
Detox is not fun.
We were all spoiled with a week of Grandparent lovin' and now life is back to normal with a lot less giggles.

Brett and I really, really, miss the ocean and have been desperate to get a whiff of some salty air. One afternoon we drove out to Northport Long Island for some strolls, shopping, and warm comfort food.

It was so refreshing to see some open sky and take deep breaths of fresh air for the first time in nearly 4 months. ...But have I mentioned how I HATE winter? How I have officially forgotten what it's like to be warm? How my skin really, really, just wants to be sunburned. Hence, why we look stiff and frozen in the next picture.

We went to Broadway one evening and saw one of the best musicals of my life. MEMPHIS. Please, please, go see it. Laughter, goosebumps, tears, everything. It was a night of perfection.

And oh, not only did Pops come to visit...but Mr. Fix-it came too.
Our life in this tiny apartment is forever changed because Pops made so many repairs. One big example:

 Our curmudgeon of a landlord installed a new sink and new tile, but refused to fix the grrrross tub.
I actually feel clean now after showering...and Jude no longer picks at rust during bath playtime.

Now that the tub is rust and yuckiness free---and we have a comfy sofa bed---all visitors are welcome to Onderdonk Ave! Come one, come all!!
Pops and Grammy we'll see ya on skype! MISS YOU ALREADY!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Plates

It all began with a long Subway ride, a cranky kid, and a stash of puffs for back up. Mama had packed the diaper bag abyss with an emergency everything when we were planning an entire day outing to visit our friends Samantha and Grace on Long Island. (Have I ever mentioned that Jude’s nanny/Auburn’s friend moved to New York the same week we did? Her husband got a job offer in New York, the day after Brett was offered his job in New York. Crazy and amazing, right?)
Well, we needed those puffs that day, and sure enough for some untold reason Jude ate puff after puff. He ate about 8 puffs on that ride home after having a puff hiatus that had lasted for months.
Pureed foods were always a struggle for Jude, and finger foods, well finger foods were hated with a passion. Until that inevitable 8 puff subway ride that is.
From that day on he began eating solid food more willingly, as long as he had major distractions from Mama and Daddy, including reading book after book while stuffing food in his mouth.
Each day he’s gotten better and better and we have to read fewer books in the high chair to get a full meal completed. With Jude’s new willingness to eat solids, Mama eagerly began what we thought was going to be a slow, drawn out, process of weaning. However, with more solids going in his tummy Mama realized he had stopped “asking” to nurse during the day. So Mama hesitantly put him down for nap 1 without nursing and lo and behold he slept soundly for an hour, then Mama hesitantly put him down for nap 2 sans nursing, thinking it just can’t be this easy. Sure enough, he slept soundly and without complaints. So, nursing quickly became a night time event only.
Now we’re down to a feeding at bedtime and one at 4:00 am to lure him asleep for what we hope is 2 more hours. Any day now the bedtime feeding will go and then the early morning feeding.

Food Jude is loving:

yogurt melts
buttermilk biscuits
pureed carrots, apples, pumpkin, prunes, pears.
Did I mention CHEESE? CHEESE, and more CHEESE!

Food that Jude likes one minute and hates the next…and then loves the next:
turkey, raspberries, strawberries, bread, pasta, black beans, eggs.

Food Jude despises with a passion: chicken sausage, bananas, avocados, hummus, buttermilk pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, green beans, peas…and oh he hates milk.

As far as liquids go, he completes one sippie cup of water over the course of an entire day.

"Yeah, I'm cool eating my solids like a big boy.  Take a picture if you want."

The yogurt melts are the equivalent of candy. He only gets those when he's a crazy kid on the subway and when the other riders would like some peace and quiet. The puffs are the everyday dessert after finishing a meal. Thank you puffs for beginning our journey of weaning!

Monday, February 7, 2011

45 Degrees. What?

Nothing was keeping us indoors today.
We don't care if the sidewalks aren't shoveled. We don't care that we can barely push our way to the edge of the playground.
We're playing outside today.

For some reason Jude forgot what outdoor playgrounds were. He kept his serious, inquisitive, quiet face the entire time:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Steps

We’re calling it official in the Hutson home: Jude is walking!! He has started to walk without coaxing, urging, and begging. His first independent steps are real.

These videos were as good as we could get. Of course he does much better when the camcorder is off.

Also in other monumental news, Jude has been eating solid foods much, much better this last week. So we have finally begun the journey of weaning. He’s nursing two times during the day and an evening feeding…and occasionally a midnight snack when he gets out of control.  Once again, this whole process (motherhood) has been so reassuring and encouraging to know that Jude--in his own timing--has reached each milestone as he was ready.  Society, and motherly pressure, so often puts unneeded worry to make changes before we’re ready. But once again, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that we’re moving along in this journey at our own pleasant pace. And I’m pretty stinkin’ excited out of my mind that Jude could be possibly weaned within the next month and a half. I think I hear a sunny beach calling my name, and I don’t think I hear Jude’s name.

So with Jude walking now, and nursing less, does this mean he’s actually growing up? 
Is this all for real? 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I just wanted to give a quick update to the blogworld since we haven't had a post on here for awhile. Jude has been recovering from his cold, Croup, fever, whatever. Now we're just left with a runny, crusty, yucky nose. We're on the mend from not eating solids and refusing the sippie cup. We've been having some good days of eating, and some continued refusals. Jude, will you ever wean?!
Also during Jude's week of high fever my brother and his family were trying to figure out life in Egypt amongst daily protests. CNN, and the telephone chain among the family with updates on Adam and Liz's hour by hour status left us all exhausted and out of touch with the outside world.
Saturday we all got out as a family and spent nearly the entire afternoon at the Met. (I took lots of beautiful pictures, but somehow my camera card decided to self-destruct. So no cute pics of Jude crawling all over the floor of the Met.) 
Today we've woke (woken? is woken a word?) up to an inch of ice making it impossible for us to maneuver our way to the Subway.
So we'll be inside playing demolition blocks, dancing to Imagination Movers, learning our animal noises, making tents out of furniture and blankets, and eating our books.

And oh, in much more exciting news: Jude has been taking 3 independent steps at a time toward me. Not out into the middle of the floor, but we're seeing 3-4 steps at a time before lunging into my arms. He's still standing all on his own as if he's a cool kid, and I stand him to dress him like a big boy. The independent steps started over the weekend and each day we have more progress. Yay for our toddler!!