Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jude and I are visiting family in Oklahoma for awhile. New blog posts won't be up for a bit.
But when we're back in New York I'll post pictures like a crazy mama.
...and I'll tell ya that he's officialy using his sign language for "more."
...and that he got another big boy haircut and looks like a totally different boy.
...and how it's hard for me not to dress him in his new skinny jeans just about everyday. Because well, those skinny jeans melt my heart and scream Brooklyn kiddo.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hives Round Two

Hives for the second time. The first time Jude developed hives, we couldn't trace where they came from. My brother's hypothesis was that he found a lone peanut in a couch cushion or something. As if we have crumbs in our couch cushions? Maybe we do, maybe we don't.

I took two pics of Jude right after the hives began. I won't post the pic of his tummy because it's down right disturbing. Let's just say the hives cause his skin to look, well...not human.

The Hives Narrative:

On Saturday late afternoon, Jude had his first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. He loved it! We were so excited Jude had entered the official big kid world of eating. But about an hour later he started scratching the back of his neck and ears. I thought it was dry skin so I lotioned my little eczema baby up. But he continued scratching and began to get just a tad fussy. About 45 minutes later after changing a messy diaper I noticed his ears were bright red and swollen.
I knew instantly what it was. HIVES. AGAIN.
We immediately gave him Benadryl and within seconds of catching on to what exactly was happening the hives went crazy. About 45 minutes after giving the Benadryl we felt as if the hives had not gotten any worse, and he wasn't showing any signs of wheezing or swollen insides. So to bed he went.
About an hour later Brett and I were headed to bed (remember we live in a Railroad style apt, so there's no hallway), and when we opened Jude's room to head into our room we were hit in the face with a horrible stench. We looked in his crib and it was covered in vomit. I picked precious-suffering-Jude up and headed into the bathroom while Brett changed the sheets. I was horrified to find out in the bathroom that not only were his hives still really bad, but his eyes were matted shut with dried vomit and he had clumps of vomit in his ears and all over his pj's. It was sooo very sad. Our little hives-baby didn't make a peep when he upchucked his dinner. How is that possible? We can hear every syllable of our neighbor's conversations across the hall, but we couldn't hear Jude vomiting?!?!  I was bewildered, frustrated, and sick to my stomach that I couldn't somehow take a magic mom pill to have his hives transferred to my skin.
The Benadryl had him knocked out and extremely groggy so he went back in to bed with ease. But ohh do we hate Peanut Butter. We won't be trying that again for a long time. Not only was Jude in irritating pain, but it's so physically and emotionally painful for us to watch. I was literally sick to my stomach for hours after putting him to bed.
Hives, we hate you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We've gladly welcomed warmer temperatures this last week.
On Thursday Brett took off work early and we went to the oldest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the country! It was a beeeautiful day for bagpipes, bands, and all the crazies to come out.

One of our favorite spots to enjoy the sunshine has been the High Line near the Hudson. We spent forever up there after the parade and let Jude roam till his heart's content.

Friday the temperature reached 70 degrees. Thus marking our warmest day yet since moving here!

Jude and I spent hours and hours in Central Park enjoying the perfect temp.

Jude stood on the bench, with my cell phone, for nearly 45 minutes entertaining himself and all the people passing by.

Then we headed to the sidewalk to wait for Daddy to get off work and join us. So we sat down and ate some cheese and watched the horse carriages go by one after another.

We had planned to take advantage of free Friday admission at the MoMA, but with such perfect weather we couldn't allow ourselves to walk in doors.

Some toddlers practice their walking skills in their backyard, our toddler gets his practice done on Central Park South.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry for the delay in recent posts. Life has gotten away from me lately. Who knew temper-tantrums happened at 14 months of age? Well they do.

Here's a few pics of the last week.

Beans, beans, and more beans, and we're trying out the fork!

For 3 days last week Jude had a random fever, with no other symptoms whatsoever. At one point it got as high as 103.6.  He did a lot of laying those 3 days.

Mickey accidentally scratched Jude during a game of tug and war with a teddy bear. If there ever were a Dog House for cats, Mickey was in it.

You can spot it in these last two pictures: the new Lovey.
Jude was given an empty Metro card and he has barely let it out of his sight. He has gone to bed with it each night since Saturday. In fact, a few nights ago he started screaming as we walked through his room into our room. So I just found the Metro card in his crib, placed it in his hands, and he instantly became silent and turned on his tummy fast asleep with the card in hand. Weird, but awfully CUTE.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Have a Kiss-Kiss Fish in Our Home

It's supposed to be a soggy week ahead, and there's no better way to prepare for a soggy week than to stay out of the apartment ALLL day on Saturday. So we had a fun morning in the park with friends, and an afternoon at the New York Aquarium.

"What's the big deal Mom?"
Jude had taken a nap on the long subway ride out to Coney Island, and he was a bit dazed for most of the exhibits.

At the mere age of almost 14 months, Jude touched a living Starfish! And he had no expression for the occasion.

So what better fun, than to be plopped in your very own aquarium?

No Pout-Pout Fish's in our home today!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Goofy mom that I am I mistakenly thought it would be fun this week to begin learning colors. I had so much fun scavenging through Jude's toys to find matching colors...while Jude looked on with blank stares as I repeated colors in silly tones and octaves.

If only I had realized that all we needed was Mickey to make learning colors enjoyable.

As if they were brothers, a game of tug and war quickly began, with lots and lots of giggles.

 But as you can see in the background, Mickey won.

Not for long! Jude won the next round. Mickey is so much more fun than Mom and her silly colors.

After several days of "learning" our colors I realized I had no earthly idea what developmentally appropriate age children were supposed to begin color learning. I found out today that it's around 36 months. Ooops.
...I'm not sure it's going to stop me.

****I don't think I can publish this post without a quick explanation and some reflection on how thankful I am for God's simple and surprising grace. Our week of learning colors started on Tuesday morning after one of the roughest nights of consecutive sleeplessness for Jude. (Looking back on the last week, I think his rough patch was due to his 8th tooth poking through.) But somehow God surprises me when I'm most utterly exhausted to pick out monochromatic colors and begin teaching Jude new games?? When sleeping becomes a distant memory and I'm in the throngs of a hysterical baby for the 5th time that night, my ugly sin rears it's head and I fail. Miserably. I transform into a Troll That Torments My Children.
Despite me, the next morning God's forgiveness is new. He shows up and surprises me with energy and an abundance of love just hours after a horrendous night of failures. I finished our game of color learning overflowing with humility and thankfulness.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For the past month or so Jude has learned to say yes and nod his head up and down. It is so stinkin' adorable! Not only does he nod, but his eyes get real big.

Of course he wanted to be a little stinker for the camcorder, but here's a small glimpse of it: