Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freight Train and Other Books

In honor of Jude's most beloved book, Freight Train, and because I myself love book recommendations, I've added a list along the side of the blog of books I've recently read. Last year, during Jude's first year of life when I was trying to find time to sleep between diaper changes and nursings I think I read shamefully only about 6 books the entire year...and umm 3 of those books may have been teen fiction. So this year I determined to figure out a way to feed the malnourished inner bookworm. And because I love to know what other people are reading, I thought I'd create this little list and add to it as I complete books throughout the year. The list isn't actually a "recommendation" list since some of them were terrible (cough cough Dragon Tattoo cough cough) and some were life changing (cough cough Praying Life cough cough.)
I'm sorry, please excuse all that coughing. Now on to the cutie patootie and his favorite book. ...Thank you scotch tape for preserving his favorite book.

Jude recommends Freight Train!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

King of the Hill

Jude has learned to climb on top of the ottoman. We originally had it next to the radiator as an additional obstacle to deter him from touching the hot pipe. However, after learning to climb the ottoman he also realized it was a perfect latter for pulling down the curtains. (His favorite pastime.)
So as not to worry about crashing curtains and projectile curtain rods, I quickly moved it away from the curtains before a skype conversation with my mom. After talking to her for awhile...and possibly neglecting Jude for 2 minutes...I looked over to notice Jude on top of the ottoman, eating his apple slices, and staring out the window.

The ottoman, and staring out the window, is his new favorite spot.
And yes, the first day of learning to climb, he fell off 3 times. He's rocking' some awesome manly bruises on the legs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Although it's super fun to dress up our little man, enjoy some sweet candy, and hunt for eggs, Easter Sunday is probably the most precious and important of all Holidays for us. On Easter we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and without His resurrection, we wouldn't be...well we just wouldn't be us
There's something very magical and immortal about the day.

We attended an Easter Egg hunt in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood. Jude was hesitant and shy at first, but with some coaching he perked up quickly.

Jude's recently become enamored with placing objects inside any and every container, bucket, bag, an Easter egg hunt came at just the right time in his little life!

He loved picking up the eggs and dropping them in the basket, over and over!

After the hunt, we spent some time on the playground. I love the progression of Brett placing Jude on the slide in these last pictures....

Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's taken us 6 months to do it, but we think we've figured out the best way to get our groceries in the city.
The strategy?
We leave the house no later than 8:30am on Saturday morning and head for Trader Joe's without the stroller.
I promise you, you have never seen a grocery store as busy as the ones in NYC. There are 2 lines that stretch around the entire store. When you walk in the front door one shopper has to immediately step in one of the lines.  Like I said, the line is wrapped around the perimeter of the store and it usually ends at the front entrance. (You have to shop with a buddy. No solo shopping at Trader Joe's.) One person stands in line and the other does the shopping, bringing back items for the cart. (If you are alone the nice workers at Trader Joe's will grab specific items for you down the aisle.) FYI, Whole Foods has a nice, very efficient, system with colored lines on the floor and you wait for your color and your number on a big flat screen to get to a cashier.
However if you get to Trader Joe's just before 9:00am you have about 20 minutes before the line gets crazy. Since I can't really get the groceries home by myself, along with Jude, we've figured out that Saturday mornings is the way to go.  (...and we choose Trader Joe's simply because it's by far the cheapest place in the city for groceries. Who pays $4.50 for Triscuits? New Yorkers, that's who.)

And here's a peek into how Jude then gets home with the groceries. He's such a sport...holding our bread and all.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 Year and 3 Months

Our little man had his 15 month check up today.
Here are his stats:
length: 31 inches (46%)
weight: 23 lbs (28%)
He gained 1 inch and 3 lbs since his 12 month check up! Which is exactly what the doctor predicted. And we were worried he would never wean. Ha!

He got the dreaded lead test done. It's supposed to be a quick and easy maneuver...however Jude's finger refused to bleed. Even after two pricks! So, with the doctor, male nurse, myself, and a bowl of clementines we held down screaming Jude while the doctor squeezed and squeezed and squeezed his little finger to get a drop of blood. We were all swetting by the time it was all over and my stomach did a few somersaults in the process. Then he refused to have a band-aide on...a band-aide that was very needed because by the time she got a drop of blood it was gushing blood. Of course! Not fun for any of us.

To commemerate what is called "The Milestone Month" I've listed a few facts of Jude's life:

He still loves to talk on the phone…and it seems every toy turns into a phone.

He sings. Alot. He sings whenever we sing and whenever I have CMT playing.

At night, when Daddy and Mama sing Twinkle-Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me he sways from side to side and sings along. It’s true, our 1 year old sings…all the time.

Food he’s eating: cheese, beans, veggie burgers, chicken, beef, turkey, clementines, crackers, cheerios, apples, strawberries, carrots, and YOGURT. This kid has an obsession with the Y word. When the man size bowl of yogurt is about to be finished up I show him the bowl and he starts screaming and thrashing around red-faced in his highchair.

Speaking of the Y word, it’s become evident and amazing how much he understands what we say now. We can’t say yogurt around Jude anymore because he freaks out and wants it delivered to his mouth asap.

And speaking of the Y word again, he has officially begun to use sign language for “more.” I’ve only been doing baby sign language since he was 6 months old people!...well with a small hiatus out of frustration between months 10 and 12. But now that he uses the hand motions for “more” we are widening our repertoire with bedtime and water. This little bit of communication has considerably reduced frustration among all of us.

His bedtime is 8:00pm.
He comes into our bed around 4:00 or 5:00am and sleeps the last 1-2 hours with us.
He wakes up around 6:30am.
He takes 1 nap a day that lasts around 1.5-2 hours.

Many mornings he wakes up signing for "more." Because, like I said, he's a bottomless pit. I am literally feeding him all day long.

The most precious of all precious developments during month 14: He reaches and stretches out his arms toward us whenever he wants to be picked up. Sometimes, during mid-play, he’ll stop and look up from among his pile of toys and lift his arms up in the air. And then I come running.

He has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom.

He still loves to walk around the apt with his metro card and most nights he goes to sleep with it in his hands.

When Brett leaves for work in the morning and we’re standing at the door giving kisses and waving goodbye Jude has to give me lots of kisses after Daddy gives me kisses. 

When we get on all fours and chase Jude he runs away from us for almost 3 seconds and then comes running back toward us with mouth open squealing and giggling the whole time.

He thinks it’s gut-wrenching-red-in-the-face-fall-over-pee-your-pants funny to hit us in the face with toys. ...not sure what this says about him.

His favorite book continues to be Freight Train.

His favorite toy is his NY Taxi Cab.

He stands in his high chair. Our high chair without straps.

He can identify his nose, mouth, head, and eyes. (Getting this on video is next to impossible.)

He blows kisses!

And the answer to the question you're all asking right now...How could she possibly write this post when it's not nap time or bedtime for Jude? He's had about 5 Ritz crackers and dropped about a million crumbs all over our living room floor. I shall go vacuum now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Bottomless Pit

The kid we were once worried would never eat solid food, is now eating us out of house and home.

On this particular night that huge tummy is full of pounds and pounds of carrots, beans, and yogurt. The kid never stops eating!! Never.

Monday, April 4, 2011

We're back in New York with little sunshine and no spring in sight.Yuck.

However, we took advantage of the sun when we were in Missouri.  Naturally, we did our own feeble attempt at a little photo shoot with the hay bales and weeds.

Of course the weeds were the perfect height for picking and for eating.

This was his attempt at jumping over the bale. We told him at least he landed on top.

This last picture isn't too great of Jude, but I just love how it shows his tight little grasp around my neck.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Now we're in Missouri, enjoying the warm sunshine!

And Daddy has finally joined us!