Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Little Angel

He looks like an angel when he sleeps. I have no earthly idea how he stayed asleep while I took these pics during nap time. But I was so thankful.

Whenever I lay down with him in our bed, I think of him as a tiny little angel nuzzled between us. He was about 2 months old in these pics:

I don't care how big he's getting, he's still my baby.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Benefits of No Hallway

Living in New York has its benefits, but who knew having no hallway in our home could be one of them? At times our apartment can be a frustrating aspect of our life here. I’ve quickly realized it’s only frustrating when I mistakenly consider how far our rent money could go in the Midwest. I've figured out that without those terrible comparisons, our life is perfection here. Everyday I'm reminded how blessed we are and the undeniable fact that New York is the best place to raise kids.

I have the privilege of having no hallway, therefore I can do dishes in my kitchen and keep an eye on nearly everything Jude does in the entire house. 
Yesterday I stepped away from doing dishes and looked down the apartment to see my little boy perched up on my reading chair basking in the rays of the sun. He had climbed up on the chair and was sitting quietly in the breeze.

What a precious boy.

(He's playing in only a diaper because the AC units aren't in the windows yet and we've had some 80 degree days here.)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Day Getaway

Remember when Jude was 13 months old and I began the weaning process? Remember how I said I was headed to a beach without a baby as soon as he was weaned?
Well because I have an amazing husband, and because my amazing husband works for the best airline in the country, and because Jude has infatuated grandparents…I spent 3 gorgeous days at the beach in Mexico on my first overnights without Jude in 16 months.

So I did a lot of this…

With no dirty diapers...

No distractions...

No Mickey Mouse...

And a lot of this...

Staring at a beautiful ocean and a handsome husband all day long...

Rest assured Jude was in good hands...

Now that Grammy and Pops are headed back to Oklahoma, Jude is wondering why every facial expression doesn’t get a laugh anymore.
He was spoiled absolutely rotten for 3 days and was given undivided attention…

Did I mention undivided attention?...

Because we live 2,000 miles away from our families, getting a babysitter for one hour means the world to us as a couple. But Grammy and Pops went above and beyond their call of duty, and drove clear across the country to spend 3 whole days with their grandbaby Jude.  We were excited out of our minds to have 3 days alone all the while knowing Jude was in great hands.  Having a little getaway to celebrate a year of  nursing, especially when your baby never took a bottle, meant the world to us!
We miss you already Pops and Grammy!! See ya on skype! xoxo

And Pops and Grammy left us with the best ball ever!! Thank you Pops and Grammy for all the loving.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Night Night

There are few things in life better than bringing home a worn out, sun-kissed, dirty, smelly, boy home from the playground every day.
Having a worn out stinky little boy makes for a smooth transition to Night Night time. 

Here's the stinker eating his dinner before bath time:

That's the face I get when I say, "smile Jude." 

Everything's all fun and games until a carrot hits a molar bulging through the gums. (We've got one monstrous molar all the way through the gums, with another one still making life miserable.)

And again, I just have to say, "smile Jude" and this is what I get. I shouldn't expect anything less.

Big boys love to brush their teeth.

And on the glorious days like today when we really get worn out at the playground, he has to rest his head on the sink while his mama dries his hair. Just plum tuckered out.

And then we end with a full sippie cup of milk and a little singing of Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me. (I know, I know, I see the irony that he drinks milk after brushing his teeth. Brett points this out every night. Hey, it's our routine, don't mess with our routine.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day in the Bronx

My husband planned a wonderful day full of spring flowers, sprawling pastures, and lots of time with my baby boy at the New York Botanical Garden for Mother's Day.
We spent the entire day outside with perfect weather. Who knew there were 250 acres of amazing-ness in the middle of the Bronx?

..."What's this annoying pink stuff that keeps tripping me up Mom?"

Jude's new favorite toy this week has become his little soccer ball. Even in sleep there's no letting go!

Brett let me sleep in on Sunday morning. Little did I know that at 6:45am Brett and pajama-boy-Jude walked 5 blocks to a little European bakery to pick up some breakfast sweets.

 But I also got lots of sugar from Jude too!  Jude's initiation of kisses has increased exponentially just over this past week and I'm lovin' it.

Sunday afternoon we spent more time outside enjoying a cloudless afternoon and letting Jude chase his soccer ball at the East River State Park. ....perhaps we're starting to believe that Spring (i.e. warmth) is really here to stay.

It would have been a perfect weekend if only I had my own momma to kiss!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank you Walt and Cheerios

Allow me to explain how my life has officially changed for the better this last month.

Jude turns into a zombie.
Well actually, he becomes zombie-like when watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As a result, I am able to sit him on the couch with a bowl of cheerios and the lovable Mickey Mouse and he does not make one single peep or move until it’s over. My life is officially changed with this new development!! I’m able to take my shower, brush my teeth, and blow dry my hair in the 23 minutes that Walt Disney comatoses my child. And oh how thankful I am for Mickey Mouse and his amazing ability to know exactly how to entertain a toddler.

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!!

And maybe Dad and Mom get an extra 23 minutes of sleep on Saturday morning. Just sayin'