Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Lovin'

We're in America's heartland visiting family.
We spent a smigeon of time in Missouri and now we're in Oklahoma for the week.

Jude's favorite place on Earth just might be the airport. When we walked through the airport terminal and saw all the big jets behind the walls of windows, Jude got so excited I think he stopped breathing. He about had a heart attack at the first sight of the jets. ...And then my heart just about burst at seeing the pure joy in his face.

Brett had the foresight to put a cartoon on his Ipod. Sure enough it occupied our little 17 month old for a few minutes.

Jude loves his Grandmother and cheesy goldfish.

                                                     Aunt Brooke gives the best squeezes!

                      Grandpa knows I like to be outside and knows I like little machines with buttons!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday

This is Jude's surprised face. We see this face all day long and it just might be the cutest thing in the world. He does this when he hears the subway coming on the platform, he does this when we hear the keys unlocking the front door when Daddy gets home from work, he does this when he sees Mickey Mouse, he does this when we stack a really high tower of blocks...you get the picture.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Allergy Update

So 6 weeks after going to the allergist I finally got the results. Partly, (okay definitely) because I've been in denial about the peanut allergy and avoided calling the office for the consultation. I just don't like to think about the reality of his allergy. I know I have to get over this.
Anyway, here's the results in the best way I know how to explain it.

Here are the numbers for each food she tested:

pine nuts: negative
almonds: 0.45
hazelnut: 0.68
cashews: 1.56
pecans: 3.14
walnuts: 3.68
egg: 6.6
peanut: 7.23

So from what she told me, these numbers do not indicate severity of a reaction. These numbers indicate the likelihood or risk that he will have an allergic reaction when he ingests the food. Anything above a 15 indicates a 100% chance that he will have a reaction the next time he eats said food.  Anything below a 0.35 is no allergy or negligible.  A 7.23 for the peanut calculates out to being a 85% chance of having a reaction the next time he eats a peanut.
The 7.23 does not tell us how bad his reaction could be. For instance if someone had a number of 15, with a 100% chance of having a reaction, their reaction could be fairly mild, and moderately bothersome. But a number of 7.23 can still be life-threatening. It just indicates risk of reaction. She wouldn't tell me a 7.23 is low, and she wouldn't say it was high....simply because we can't predict what the next reaction will be like. Therefore, she recommends avoiding any and all nuts and to have him tested yearly for changes. She said that in toddler years she sees drastic changes in levels. We liked that! She did say that if the number were 15 or higher she would give me no hope of growing out of it, but she just repeated that in the toddler years there are drastic changes. Avoiding any and all nuts is the running consensus among studies for Jude's best bet to grow out of these allergies.
As for the eggs, she said the more cooked the egg the more likely he can tolerate the egg.
(He does eat my biscuits that have egg in them.) Her examples were that an egg in a cake he could possibly tolerate, but egg in a pancake probably not. Which is maybe why he avoids pancakes. It probably makes his stomach feel upset.

Now onto some cuteness...because who wants to dwell on a peanut allergy and have nightmares all night? Not me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

17 Months

Jude turned 17 months last week, and although we're a few weeks away from 18 months, we've started to say he's "1 1/2 years old." Whoa. It feels kind of weird to be using "year" instead of months. But I like it.
I've been taking a lot of pictures lately to give you an update on some of his recent activities this last month. So this is gonna be a long one. You're welcome Grandma.

Against my better judgement and my preference in preserving the usability of my sunglasses, I sometimes give in and let Jude play with my them. Sometimes...we just need some piece and quiet. If it's sunglasses he wants then so be it.
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Jude loves to play with his blocks. On his own he can stack 3 blocks and the 4th one topples them over. But really, demolition blocks is way more fun than stacking. ...and actually he prefers now to pick each block up off the stack one at a time without toppling the whole thing. He's pretty talented at this.

He's mastering the fork with lots of fun and cheers by Mama. Now, each time after he stabs the food with his fork and gets it in his mouth, he puts down the fork and applauds himself. 

The radiator cover his little workbench. Most toys end up on top throughout the day.

We go to the playground each and every sunny day. His favorite spot at the playground is the steps. He never tires of it. ...and he always has to stop and point at the airplanes as they fly over.

And this is our view at the playground. Such a pretty view.

More airplanes.

His favorite breakfast is buttered toast, cheerios, and milk.

He absolutely loves to climb up on the chair and stick his face in the wind of the air conditioner and look down at the street.

Oh, the wind from the AC...

In a crisis moment at the subway platform, in a fit of a terrible meltdown, I found a sucker in the abyss of my purse. So Jude experienced his first ever sucker. And all of us were sticky from head to toe. All of us.

Jude has learned to hold onto the stroller and walk next to Mama. This way he gets to stretch his legs, but within limits.

Jude loves to play peek-a-boo and wrestle-mania on the big bed!

Again, with the AC wind.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daddy's Funny

All along really, Jude's been Daddy's toy and Mama's doll to dress up.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never Too Old For a Sleepover

Jude's too young for sleepovers...but Mama's not too old for one either.
My college roommates and I get together one weekend a year for some quality time with just girls. This year, Meredith is turning 30, so we surprised her and showed up on her doorstep! My husband graciously stayed with my feverish, teething, little baby while I shopped, ate, and talked to my heart's content for 4 days.

Meredith (Birthday Girl), Megan, Elizabeth, Me...and we were missing Kahki in the wee hours of the night.

The Birthday Girl with her beautiful family.

Meredith's husband is an Officer in the Navy so they're always living next to gorgeous ocean views.

It was truly a vacation for me, from beginning to end.

We took long walks, and enjoyed the ocean air, and little Mattox found the most enormous dandelion.

After a few days in Annapolis, we drove to NY for some more shopping and more eating.

To celebrate her Birthday in style we ate at Supper for the best Italian food of our lives.

Needless to say Jude enjoyed all the attention.

Wouldn't you?

In other news, Jude got a new little toy from Momma's travels. After teething, day after days of a fever, and being without his Momma he deserved a new toy.  ...and because he loves to drag things back and forth throughout the house I knew this would be a hit! Meet his new little friend the alligator.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sprinklers Are On!

It's been hot around here. We're not in New England anymore and that has been evident by the 90 degree temps and the sad fact that we don't have an ocean breeze to cool us down at night and drop the temperatures. 
***When reading this post today please remember this blog is intended for faraway grandparents. So please indulge them with the long videos....

As of yesterday morning we didn't have the AC units in yet and our apartment was stifling hot at 8:00 in the morning. Jude and I were miserable in our breeze-less house, so I plopped him in his highchair, put the fan on him, placed towels all around the floor, and gave him cups full of cold water. This entertained him (and cooled him down) for about 20 minutes.

...and um his cheeks stay perpetually red in this heat. It's not a sunburn.

We have been checking all week for the sprinklers to be turned on, because we heard a rumor that they get turned on at 85 degrees. Lo and behold they were on yesterday afternoon! Jude was hesitant at first, but with some fun chasing by Mama he may have accidentally ran right through the water a few times. :)

Water baby:

I'm happy to report that Brett installed the window units last night and we are all sleeping better and acting more like civilized human beings.