Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 year and 6 months

Jude turned 18 months on the 8th and here are his stats from the doctor:
Length: 32.8 inches (62%)
Weight: 24 lbs 14 oz (37%)

His weight surprised us, because he feels like a ton of bricks in our arms and he looks like a hoss when up against some of his playmates.

To commemorate the 18 month mark, here are some pics and some facts about his life right now as our spirited toddler. 

At Jude's 18 month appointment one of the random questions the doctor asks is, "How many blocks can he stack?" At his age, he's supposed to be able to stack 3 to 4 blocks. However, our little genius likes to stack blocks 8 or 9 high. In reality, what he lacks in verbal skills he makes up for in gross motor skills. He stills likes to grunt, whine, or use Jude language to communicate.

Jude still loves all of his musical instruments, his fave are the drum and his maracas. 

 Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village (it was a hot one that day!)

 About 2 weeks after moving here and traversing the subway stairs with Jude in the stroller, I told Brett that as soon as humanly possible Jude would be walking these streets and I'd be leaving the stroller behind. Or so help me and my sanity. So lately Jude and I have been walking to the little market near our house a few times a week and we buy just what the two of us can carry home. He's a great help, though it takes a bit longer to get home...

Monday, July 18, 2011

We took a little field trip to the beach this morning with new friends.
Yay for cars and yay for getting out of the city for a few hours for some salty-air-goodness!

Jude loves to play in the water...we did that for quite a long time. It never gets old!
However, the last 30 minutes of our field trip Jude was loving the sand. He even enjoyed a big mouthful of sand.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Fun

We had a hot and very fun Independence Day on the balcony of Grammy and Pops' house. They have the perfect place for watching the Tulsa fireworks just above the bridge where the fireworks are set off. So their house is packed with people, and food!

Our little Firecracker guzzling the water:

*Sidenote for Midwest moms out there, Ozarka makes these adorable and genius water bottles with added fluoride that are perfect for toddlers. Silly Jude prefers not to drink liquids, but with these bottles he guzzled! ...of course you can't find Ozarka water in the Northeast.

Pops grilled 160 hot dogs for all the festivities!

Dave the Cheesecake Guy from our wedding reception showed up with his trademark. He miraculously shows up at all my Dad's parties. We love him.

Post-party breakfast the next morning, enjoying coffee and a sippie cup of milk:

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lake

We had sooo much fun at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend.

Jude seems to love the outdoors, swetting, and cold watermelon.

Where does Jude get his facial expressions? Hmmm.

Breakfast on the deck. As it should be.

Enjoying some front porch sittin' with Grandma.

Naps are most enjoyable when on boats.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our first day in Oklahoma the temperatures reached 106 degrees. And in true Pops fashion we spent an afternoon at the ACD factory despite those triple digits.
And in true Jude fashion he would rather play among the dust, bolts, and screws, than be in the air-conditioned shop. I spent an hour and half following him around the factory in the 106 degrees as one at a time mechanics came out of the shop to inform me there was air conditioning inside. I just had to laugh, say thank you, and explain that there was no way we were getting this little boy inside.
And so Jude experienced what I endured for way too many hours as a child playing among the dust waiting for my dad to finish with business.
I was actually very grateful the tradition of endless hours of playing on that floor was passed on:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Fun

I took an unthinkable amount of pictures during our week long visit with family. My plan is to do a few pics throughout the week of Jude's activities while in Okie land. There's just too many to upload them all now.

Jude got a lot of pool time at Grammy and Pops:

Of course his favorite thing to do involved climbing up and down the steps. Pool or no pool, steps are exciting.