Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene's Backside

We still have our electricity!...but you don't need electricity to eat your cheerios anyway.

The bulk of the storm has moved north of us. There's a good chance we're going to see less and less of this mess. Our entertainment tho has been watching the overly dramatic news anchors talking frantic about blown away trash cans.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Irene

Brett and I are in unanimous agreement that we would much more prefer a hurricane over bedbugs. A hurricane has nothin' on bedbugs.

We're in Long Island still, our area (Bethpage) is not evacuating. We've prepared to expect power outages, but for the most part just expect heavy winds and rain. Brett will more than likely be working from home on Monday and Tuesday so we're just happy to be together as a family of 3!

Just an FYI to the Grandmas, if our power goes out then we'll turn our cell phones off to conserve battery and we'll update you periodically.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary and Moving Weekend

Over the weekend Brett and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and we moved all our belongings into storage. We're not officially homeless after 7 years of marriage thanks to very generous friends. Because of the sweet Fuhrmans, we have a warm meal and a cozy bed after a long and exhausting weekend of moving.

Jude's with the grandparents back in Oklahoma while we move, so Brett and I took advantage and went to a long and delicious dinner...and then to Broadway.
Because of the last 10 months in NYC, I love my husband more than ever and I think his heart reflects God more than ever. I'm so very lucky to look to the future and think of the next 70 years with him!

Dinner at Supper in the East Village was perfection...

So now we're temporary residents of Long Island, living with dear friends, and learning lessons of hospitality.

I'm coming to get you Jude!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Front Yard Pool

Jude and I have gotten into our daily routine living in Tulsa.
In the early mornings, the temperatures have yet to reach insanity, so I sit on the porch with my coffee and a book while Jude plays in the grass, climbs the steps a million and a half times, and throws rocks into Grandma's garden pond. Well a few days ago, I looked up from my book to see Jude in the pond.

So now, swimming in the pond has become a part of our morning routine. And now the pond is no longer a pond, but the front yard pool.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City

Jude and I went for a little road trip up to KC to visit family over the weekend.

Jude screamed nearly the whole way up there, but on the drive back I smartened up and stuffed him with popcorn and twizzlers the whole way. Yes, I highly recommend providing junk food to toddlers for road trips, or air travel.

Jude got a lot of outdoor time with his cousin Whitman and Grandmother Valerie.

This next picture was taken milliseconds after he threw a ball, and it might be my favorite picture of all time:

We discovered at Gretchen's ballpark themed baby shower that he loves popcorn!
We had such a wonderful and refreshing time with family, we were sad for it to all end!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Action Shots

When Jude turned 18 months old on July 8th, his Aunt Christin took some portraits to commemorate the milestone. My favorite pictures she took that day are of him running.
I know they're not the typical portraits taken in a studio, but I'm so grateful for these pictures so that I can attempt to remember these little details on his face as he runs.

Thank you Christin for helping me remember the little things!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It was 111 degrees here yesterday, and it's supposed to be 112 degrees today, and 114 tomorrow. So Jude is doing what only sane people do in these kind of temperatures....

Stuffing himself silly with watermelon...

And one of the perks of being back in Oklahoma is that Jude gets to learn how to drive a boat...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, Jude and I are back in Oklahoma for an undetermined amount of time. As much as I'd like to avoid explaining why, I know I must.

We have bedbugs.

Yes, it's a nightmare.
Yes, it's as horrible as you can imagine.

Not only were we dealing with a mice infestation, and the occasional mutant cockroach, and a collapsed ceiling in the bathroom, we have recently acquired the stubborn bedbug into our home.
I could go into great detail about our discovery and realization that the "mosquito bites" Jude and I were getting the past 2 months at the park were never mosquito bites afterall. It was a gruesome discovery, and I will spare you the emotional details. Looking back in hindsight now it's crazy to think of the things I said, oblivious to the fact that we had bedbugs laying their eggs just waiting to multiply and destroy our home and our existence.
I left New York about 10 days ago with Jude (thank God for Jetblue privileges and being able to fly at a whim), after a complete breakdown when I discovered just how bad the infestation was. All this to say, Jude and I are in Oklahoma seeking refuge, and enjoying our mornings without waking up and discovering a few dozen bites all over our bodies. We're happy to be itch free.
But more than that, we're learning to thank God for these circumstances. This past year of transition to New York has been an incredible time of learning and deep confession.
At the end of the day, God reminds me that all in all I am richly taken care. In a humble and contrite way, I understand fully that others have endured much greater tragedy in their lives this past month. 
If any of you have read Corrie Ten Boom's, a Hiding Place, do you remember the fleas that infiltrated their bunk in the concentration camp?  Do you remember how, those fleas ended up saving their lives for a time? With a heavy heart, I thank God for these bedbugs, for Corrie Ten Boom, and for all the ways God takes care of me in unexpected ways.

I'll try to keep up with posting pictures, but I'm sure I'll be less consistent here. Brett has stayed in New York to deal with the exterminators and the landlord.
And all the events of the last month...well the last 9 months have forced us to look for a new place. We're looking everywhere, including Boston.

Because we'd prefer not to think about the bedbugs, here's our cutie-patootie: