Monday, December 17, 2012

For Memory's Sake

Here's a few random pictures, and some of our little Christmas morning.
Just for memory's sake...

Jude's sweet babysitters at our Mom's Group made all the kids sugar cookies that looked like each of them. The detail was incredible and I had to quickly take a picture of it before he devoured it in 10 seconds flat. 

I just have to grab the camera sometimes because I know these years are so fleeting...and I want so badly to remember the little things. Like Jude in his long johns and Brett drying his hair...

You wouldn't know it, but he had a fever on our Christmas morning. And about an hour after he opened his crane, he puked, and puked, and puked, and his fever went up and down. The presents seemed to help his disposition. But he still wasn't himself.

I think it's so funny and kind of odd, but Jude loves soup. I credit it to Ratatouille. That cute little rat makes a soup in the movie and every time we eat soup he talks about Ratatouille.

Jude also had his first dentist appointment last week. Because as you can tell so clearly in this picture he has a really bad under-bite (his top teeth bite behind his bottom teeth.) The dentist was encouraging and hopes the permanent teeth won't have an under-bite. Let's hope!

Oh my goodness gracious, this little cutie is all mine...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Morning and the Crane

Because our Christmas travels to the midwest begin this week, we had our own little Christmas morning at home today.
Jude has been asking for a "crane" for weeks. I'm not sure how he got the idea but for awhile now when he is playing pretend with his cars, trucks, and trains, he exclaims, "I rescue truck. I need crane."
So we got him a crane.

He'll be able to do a lot of rescuing now. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Answered Prayers

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for praying with us these last two days. I wanted to let you know that after a week of calling (and probably 30 attempts), our agency finally got through to the government agency in India last night.
They didn't have any answers, but our caseworker was able to speak to someone and tell them first hand our situation. Our caseworker sent out more emails this morning so we're hoping to get some answers to the complications that have happened since that last shared list of children came out.

Please continue to pray with us:

1. Pray that Little Sister is taken care of, noticed, rocked, and loved on.

2. Pray that the Indian authorities would clear up the confusion with the orphanage and get answers. ...and that everyone would get along, and communicate well. 

3. Pray we get Little Sister's OFFICIAL REFERRAL...on Monday morning!!!

Thank your dear friends and blog readers for praying with us and caring so much for our little girl.
Jesus began this fight to get our little girl home, and we thank you for joining him.
I cannot wait to tell her how loved she is by so many!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I apologize to curious and concerned minds that I haven't written an adoption update in months.
But I'm sure you've guessed why.
It's just been so up and down. Up and down. Good news followed by discouraging news, good news followed by frustrating news, followed by confusing news, followed by devastating news, followed by unclear news, followed by silence.

The last time I wrote I explained that we were waiting for an orphanage assignment by the Indian Authorities. In the weeks following that post our agency figured out that India changed some of their guidelines without informing international adoption agencies. As some of you may know, in our "child request" (it's listed on our Home Study and then further scrutinized and approved by U.S. Immigration) stated that we could adopt a "healthy child" OR a child with "minor special needs."
Weeks after our Home Study was officially registered with India, they did not give us an orphanage assignment and then after much prodding they told our caseworker we would not be getting an orphanage because we were approved for "special needs." Prior to August 1st, we would have been given an orphanage assignment and put on a separate "special needs" list...therefore hopefully and potentially decreasing the time frame we would have to wait for a referral of a little girl.
Not so now with the new guidelines.

So instead of getting an orphanage assignment, we waited for a "waiting child" list to come out that's viewable and shared by all international adoption agencies. A waiting child list like this is common in other countries around the globe and with a quick google search you can literally see 100's of waiting children from other countries. However, with India this is a new program. Nearly all of the guidelines are new to India in 2012 (after closing in the fall of 2011), therefore orphanages are not entirely trained in the new system and are not taking advantage of this waiting child list to get their special needs children adopted quicker. As a result, by October the list had come out just 2 times this year, and each time only about 20 children were on the list. A sad, sad, number when there are an estimated 25 million orphans in India.

On November 7th, the shared list of waiting children was updated for the 3rd time this year. Much has happened since November 7th, and I wish, wish, wish, we could have miraculous, wonderful, news to share regarding that list. However, I'm not allowed to share anything on the world wide web just yet.
And since I don't have wonderful news to share right now, in the most vague way possible I ask you to pray for us and all the setbacks that have occurred since November 7th. It has been a terribly long month with exciting, miraculous, confusing, frustrating, and discouraging news along the way. Right now things are at a stand still with trying to get more information and trying to get the Indian adoption authorities to give us answers.
You can bet the moment I can share more detailed information I won't waist a second telling you! (And if you have my email and want more details, I can give much more information.)

How you can join us in prayer:

1. Pray that Little Sister is protected and has a caretaker to attach to while we are worlds away from her.

2. Pray that the Indian authorities will get answers, will do their job efficiently, and will communicate quickly with our agency. More specifically, pray they PICK UP THE PHONE when our agency calls, and that the person who picks up also HAS ANSWERS!! one has been picking up the phone in recent efforts. 

3. Pray the orphanage will be motivated and overjoyed to get Little Sister adopted, and make great efforts to move through the red tape of bureaucracy. 

4. Pray we get an official referral...tomorrow! :)

India's working hours are when we are all sleeping here in America. So as you go to sleep tonight will you pray with us and beg Jesus to bring her home quickly?!
Each morning I wait and wait and wait and pray and pray that my phone rings with a 703 area code, and I have news of a referral. Each morning as the hours tick on, and I realize the 703 is not going to pop up on my caller id, I settle into the day and try my very best to not let today slip by me.
Today as the morning hours passed me, I emailed Brett frustrated with no answers and just asked:

"Is anybody doing anything?"

And this was his response:

"You and I and some of our friends and family are praying. I'm not sure about anything else."

Brett's response to my question this morning was my motivation for writing this post. The last few weeks have been frustrating for so many reasons, but much of the frustration comes from thinking that nobody is paying attention to our agency's emails, phone calls, questions, etc. I just want people to fight for Little Sister!!! Ugh.  So will you do something for Little Sister? Please! When it feels like no one is doing anything to get her home will you fight for her? Will you help get her home by begging at the throne of Jesus?

Our hope is in the living God.

And again I say:

For God is so wise and so mighty.  Who has ever challenged him successfully?
"Without warning, he moves the mountains, overturning them in his anger.
He shakes the earth from it's place, and it's foundations tremble.
If he commands it, the sun won't rise and the stars won't shine.
He alone has spread out the heavens and marches on the waves of the sea.
He made all the stars - the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the southern sky. He does great things too marvelous to understand.
He performs countless miracles." 
-Job 9:4-11 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enjoying the yule log, the matching game, the crooked Christmas tree, and my favorite people:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Someone is concentrating really hard on swinging his feet front and back. Lots of concentration because I told him that's how he gets higher!

And here's a video for ya. If you didn't know...when you're on a scooter and you see a puddle, you aim for it people! He was a sopping wet, cold little boy when we were done.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Phone Dump

Better late than never. Here's November as seen through Brett's phone:

Walking to the park...

I believe that's the Freedom Tower...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art...


With Pops, Doozie-Dog, and a donut. Jude's very happy...

Playing with Cairo at Uncle Adam's house...

In Logan Airport after Thanksgiving...

Headed home...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rockefeller Center

It has become a family tradition for us. Seeing the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

The star at the end of 5th avenue was beautiful, but barely came out in the picture...

Chestnuts roasting all over the city...

We spent the late afternoon and early evening seeing all the beautiful lights down 5th avenue, and as always Jude's favorite part was riding the Subway. He's easy to please. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Cutest

Jude has been endlessly playing with his plastic Nativity Scene the last few days.
I love watching his little mind work as we play pretend with all the little figurines. This little set has allowed us to talk about Jesus in ways we never have before. I've been so thankful for this little set and  all the conversations we've had about Jesus, and the barn, and the hay, and the shepherds, and the donkey, and the star. It's been a very special and sweet gift to interject into our ordinary, and often monotonous, playtime with dump trucks and GI Joes.

Tonight we were playing before bedtime, and we were talking about how Jesus had to sleep in hay because there was no bed. We talked about how that made us sad. And then he jumped up and said, "Wait a minute!" Then he ran to his bedroom and returned with his pillow.
As you can see in the picture, the itty-bitty baby Jesus fell asleep on Jude's pillow.

And then kissing baby Jesus "night-night."

I was sitting on the couch tonight and this is what I was looking at:
My little guy snuggled next to the Christmas tree, under his Red Sox blanket, cozy, and adorable...

I really love this little boy, and I really want his little sister snuggled next to him next to the tree.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Festive Starts...Now

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Eggnog, colored lights, singing, the Nativity Scene, stockings, giggling, poinsettias, the Wiggles Christmas DVD, and The Polar Express. Our hearts are full.

Friday, November 9, 2012

For Memory's Sake

Here's some random pictures and some random facts just for memory's sake. I was reminded by a Mommy with older kids that being a Mommy means my memory will turn to mush and that children tend to fry brain cells, and that I will forget all these little details and to WRITE THEM DOWN! So here goes.

We've started our own mini (very mini) version of "school." He's not going to school until it's free and because he's a January Birthday, in NYC that means not until fall of 2014. He'll be one of the oldies.
So one of the tasks we've started is learning to trace. And he's doing so well!

Just look at his tracing skills on that oval! :)

Randomly he started to love crawling under the couch. He loves it. So silly...

Today his ball rolled under the couch...all the way under. (Oh and he wasn't wearing pants, which makes it all that much cuter.)

I left the room after taking a pic of those cute legs, only to return and find him doing this...

Favorite foods:
Macaroni and Cheese
Green Peppers
Granny Smith Apples
Cheddar Bunnies
Black Beans

Favorite Toys:
Dump Trucks

Favorite Books:
Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons
The Poky Little Puppy

Favorite Cartoon:
Special Agent Oso

The other day I was fixing his breakfast and he was behind me "playing" with the trash can. I was annoyed at the opening and closing of the trash can lid (and it's a trash can! gross), so I was half a second from rudely telling him to stop playing with the trash when I stopped to notice what he was actually doing. He was pushing the lid up with the foot lever and watching the mechanism on the inside of the can. My little 2 year old was figuring out the mechanics of the trash can lid! So I stopped myself and let him continue to let the brain cells fire until he mastered those mechanics. I love your little inquisitive brain Jude!

The other day I laid a bowl of cucumbers in the middle of his train track. Later, I saw there were just 2 slices left, so I took them and threw them in the trash. Immediately, with a quivering lip, he asked where his "cucummers" were. I said "I'm sorry I thought you were done!" So I took him to the trash and said "they're on top, and haven't touched anything you can still have them!" And then he proceeded to gag and nearly vomit at just the sight of them. And then I laughed hysterically until I cried.

Speaking of laughing, occasionally Jude and I will get the giggles at the same time. And let me tell you it is the most glorious thing in all the world. Sometimes we'll start laughing and can't stop, and I think that my heart just might explode and these giggles are just too good to be true.

He likes to do hand stands on the couch, where he props his feet up on the wall. Silly boy.

He throws a football like a professional. I'm not biased or anything! :) Most of the time he's not as interested in the catching and thinks it's quite funny to let the ball hit him in the face.

He loves, loves, loves, to watch commuter trains, subways, and freight trains on Youtube.

He's scared of monkeys and tigers. Most of the time when I ask him what he dreamed about he says a "tiger."

When we were Trick-or-Treating, after the neighbor shut their door, and he walked back down the steps, he looked at us and said, "she's nice."

The other day he sat down for dinner and looked at Brett and said, "How you doing Daddy?"

He started calling me "Mommy" out of nowhere and with no explanation. I'm no longer "Momma." Sometimes he calls me "Mom" and I cringe and think he's entirely too young to call me "Mom."

The other day he said, "Ratatouille cute."

He loves to chase and be chased.

He likes to go down slides head first.

He recently started to really engage and initiate pretend play. He likes to "cook" me dinner and make all kinds of yummy things for me. It's mesmerizing watching his little brain engage in self-initiated pretend play.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


JUDE: "Where you goin' Momma?"
ME: "We're going to vote."
JUDE: "Huh?"
ME: "We're going to vote!"
JUDE: "Oh! Grandpa's boat?!"
ME: "No, vvvvote. We're going to vvvvote."
JUDE: "Oh, bbbboat."

No we didn't go to Grandpa Brent's boat, but we did vote!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Our little boy loves puzzles. It's kind of difficult finding new, age-appropriate toys that keep a toddler busy. However, I have discovered the wonderful 12 piece puzzles made by mudpuppy.  If you're a Mommy of a toddler, do yourself a favor and stock up on some mudpuppy!
He has two mudpuppy puzzles, and you can bet he's getting more under the Christmas tree.

So here's how I spent my evening last night: putting together puzzles with Spiderman.

You think he'll sit down with me when he's a 15 year old and do a 1000 piece puzzle? Please say yes.