Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 Bucks

The best $15 I've spent in a long time: T-Ball set for my baseball obsessed little boy.

The T-ball set came in the mail on Wednesday night, so we got up in the wee hours on Thursday and headed to a grassy spot in the park.

And then he hit the ball 500 million times...

He was hitting the ball so well that I wanted so badly to get a pick of the ball high in the air.

And thus resulted in the ball smacking my camera square in the lens...

Where do I sign my 2 year old up for T-ball?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playground Love

We are very ready for Fall weather. I'm ready for hoodies, and pumpkin candles, and leaving the windows open all night and all day.

But until then, we'll be soaking up the rays and burning up our energy at the playground each and every day. And it just so happens that one of our favorite things about NYC living is the endless amount of fantastic playground options. 

You could take the stairs to the top of the slide, or like Jude, you could climb the rocks...

Jude's really been into a "no hands" phase. Many times throughout the day he's trying new skills with, "no hands!"

Again, "no hands!"...

Then we come home and cool off with a yogurt pop...

And then have a long, solid, nap!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Mail

Over the weekend we received our fingerprinting appointments from USCIS.
Progress, progress, progress!

And in some really, really, exciting news, some friends of ours are in China this weekend picking up their daughter. I have to share the link to their site so you can enjoy some precious pictures of their first day with their new little one.
Sit next to a box of kleenex before you click the link!

Continue to pray with us that we'll get news shortly that we've been assigned to an orphanage!

Missouri Time

We took a trip to Missouri this weekend. Or as Jude says, "Mizzurah."

Jude got lots of piano time with Grandma, lots of tractor time with Grandpa, and lots of crazy running and giggling with his cousin Whitman!

I love how Jude takes the piano seriously. He doesn't pound on the keys like I would expect him to. Rather, he really tries to mimic Grandma. So precious.

I didn't get lots of pictures of Jude and Whitman, mainly because they didn't stop running! They chased each other around and around the house non-stop!
Jude lights up when he's around Whitman, and it made our hearts full to have them together for a few short days.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waiting More News

We got word yesterday from our Caseworker that indeed India has made us official.
We are in the system, someone has seen our Home Study, someone has read our names, and someone has assigned us a number.
Now we wait for someone to assign us to an orphanage. The match to an orphanage could come any day now. Our Caseworker is checking our status every business day for any new developments. So we wait, we obsess, we pray, we stress, and we ask you to join us.
So please, we beg you, to pray with us diligently that God would overpower the people handling our paperwork, that no obstacle would stand in the way of bringing little sister home quickly.
Pray with us that our paperwork would stay clear of corruption, and land in the hands of eager orphanage workers to weed through the red-tape of bringing home our little girl.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day at the Lake

A trip to Oklahoma without jumping in the lake, just isn't complete!

Jude loves sweet Caroline. He's always asking about her. 
When Jude's eating, he's asking, "Caroline eats?" 
When Jude's going night-night, he's asking, "Caroline night-night?" 
So cute!

Jude loves the water! He loves jumping off the boat and loves splashing.

Missing that big, blue, Oklahoma, sky already!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Okie Fun

We packed in the activities while we were in Oklahoma.
For my 30th Brett took me to dinner at Ludivine in Oklahoma City (yum!), and then had some sweet desserts at Megan and Betsy's home.
...where our favorite people just so happened to reunite.

We had such a great time staying up into the wee hours of the morning with some of our very favorite people.  The guys couldn't be serious for one measly picture. But it's my favorite of the evening nonetheless. (Leslie, I stole this pic off Facebook. Thanks!)

How about a self-portrait at 2:00am?
I may be a mama, but I still enjoy a late night convo on the couch with my best friends.

These two beautiful women own Cuppies and Joe in Oklahoma City. And they just so happen to have the #1 rated coffee in the whole city. I'm just a tad proud that they're such rock star business women.

Other than celebrating the dreaded 30th birthday, Jude was treated to some special time visiting my cousin's horses. She even brought a pony out that was the perfect size for Jude.
Jude sat on Charlie the pony for about 2 seconds.

Jude, Pops, and Doozie spending some quality morning time on the balcony.

And we always end up stuffing ourselves with donuts when the cousins are around.
Look at those pigtails people. Pretty precious huh?

This look on his face is asking me if he's going to get into trouble for eating the chocolate icing.
Yes you may, little man. We do crazy things when we're with the cousins.

We've only been back a few days but we're missing Oklahoma and all the crazy cousin time already!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baseball Love

We spent the week in Tulsa visiting family, celebrating my 30th, and packing in the fun with cousins.

Grandma and Grandpa treated the boy cousins to a game at Driller's. Jude is completely, entirely, absolutely obsessed with baseball.

My favorite picture in so many ways, for so many reasons....
Jude heard a freight train running through downtown...