Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally, Spring!

The weather forecast predicted a high of 58 degrees. It has been a long, cold, winter. So we took advantage of the warmer temps and sunshine.

We spent nearly every minute of daylight OUTSIDE!

We spent some time in Central Park, but not before having a hot dog and watching Jude chase the pigeons.

Oh and Jude had a quick Time Out. Even in the middle of the city Mommy's still the boss...

We played long and hard in a huge playground in Central Park. I didn't get any pictures of the playground, because, well, we were having too much fun.
Few people can resist the lull of the Subway...

And then, we decided, "What the heck, let's go to the beach!" So we spent the last of the daylight at Coney Island...

He thought he was soooo cool on that motorcycle...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


To Our Girls:

We saw one of your faces on November 7, 2012. Almost 5 months ago.

We saw both of your faces on January 9, 2013.  77 days ago.

Here we are deep into March. It doesn't feel like Spring, with the bitter temperatures and sporadic snowflakes. I look out the window and feel as if the Earth beneath me is groaning for you too. Trying along side me to push back the sick feelings that are aroused when hope is deferred.

I took Jude to the mall playground this morning. I know it's silly but I mostly went there because throughout the winter months, each time I was sitting in that plastic playground, our Caseworker called me. In the food court (next to the Japanese restaurant with a conveyer belt of sushi) I have fond, delightful, exciting memories of conversations from our Caseworker. So today, in desperation I took your brother back, so that maybe I could set the stage to hear from our Caseworker. Silly and ridiculous, I know.
And sure enough, I was watching Jude run circles, taking in the smells of sushi mixed with McDonald's  grease, and our Caseworker called. I had my hand wrapped around my cell phone in my coat pocket. (Because when I'm enjoying life with Jude, and watching him climb slides, and get sweaty, I'm still thinking about you.)
But when she called she didn't speak the words I'd been praying for. She explained that the orphanage is sending back the Power of Attorney paperwork. We needed to sign an additional page.
And all I can think about are the hours, and nights, and days, that this means you won't be with me. The grief envelopes me.
It means I'll wait for the papers to make their way across the ocean to our agency. We'll wait for our Caseworker to open the package, call me, and Fedex it to me. It means I'll spend a day getting notaries and seals, and Fedexing it back to our agency. And our Caseworker will send it across the ocean again.
A minimum of 2 weeks with no progress. And we've done this before.
Little, seemingly inconsequential setbacks.
But they add up too terribly fast.
And I've been praying so desperately for the opposite news. I've been praying that movement is happening and at any moment we'll hear that we passed Sate level clearance. And now I know with confirmation that nothing has happened and nothing will happen for weeks. And I'm so sorry.
As I deal with the grief, I expect one day you'll ask why it took so long. Why it took so long to bring you home. And at the end of the day, despite all my desires to have you home now, to have you home for the summer, I know this is God's love. I know that in the midst of tragedy, and setbacks, and confusion, and disappoints, we are complete. I'm reminded of all the saints whose stories are wrapped up in waiting. That for whatever reason, in waiting, we're refined. One day we'll all look back at these months when we thought it was best to be together, and know with certainty that this is exactly how God loves us. He may seem unresponsive, or un-moving, but we know otherwise. God is good, sweet girls. And grief is okay, and has it's place. Thankfully this is His fight, not ours. Thankfully, He knows best. Thankfully, when the darkness creeps in, the dark is not dark to Him.

I pray that the Holy Spirit sweeps through your orphanage like a mighty wind tonight.
That lies are kept far from you.
And that you have peaceful, rejuvenating, and healing sleep.
That you can support each other when the nights are rough...and that a sweet nun will cover you in songs, prayers, kisses and giggles today.

Friday, March 22, 2013


I know it's hard to keep track on where we're at in the wait. I've tried my best to explain all the steps we're waiting on before we can travel to get our twinnies.
I got the idea from another Mommy in my adoption blog community, and thought I'd ad a list to our home too. ...and then I thought,  "Wow, that's pretty straightforward.  I bet my family would like to see this list!"

So hear ya go:

For each of the remaining steps we're told they could take from a few weeks or a few months to accomplish each one. We're praying we can travel early summer!! (Our agency is saying anywhere from August to December.)

After Jude added stickers we placed it on our front door.

Meanwhile, this was Jude last night while I was cooking dinner. (Again, one of a few positives that comes from living in a small home, I can see Jude everywhere in the house from my kitchen sink!)  Don't ask me why he's not wearing any pants.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We got the Power of Attorney paperwork from India on Saturday. So Monday morning I left the house with Pops as my chauffeur and Grammy and Jude in the backseat. We picked up donuts on our way.
I walked into the Queens County Courthouse. Got stuck in the elevator for about 5 slow, slow, slow minutes with 3 strangers. We ended up prying open the doors and jumping off.  Getting these seals and apostilles has never been accomplished without a few surprises along the way. No matter what, I just can't get these silly seals without something crazy or ridiculous happening.
Panting, I walked up to the clerk, got the county seal, then jumped in the car.
We headed into Manhattan, and I jumped out of the car at the Secretary of State's office. I stood in the line of 15 people deep (including 2 brides in their wedding gowns), with about 10 people sitting in the waiting room. Got the apostille about 30 amazingly quick minutes later.
I ran across the street to the FedEx, made the copies, and overnighted it to our agency.
We started everything at 9:30 and had it all finished and we were home by 1:30.

Then this morning I woke up, checked my phone for emails, and in the middle of the night we were emailed copies of the girl's Article 5 from the consulate in Delhi.

Then this afternoon I received an email from our Caseworker saying that she received our POA this morning and it's already been shipped off to India. So our orphanage should get our paperwork by the end of the week!

Now we wait on the the State level clearance, the NOC, Court Approval, and the girls' Passports.
We're really, really, hoping and praying we get to travel this summer!

And because Pops and Grammy are in town we did a little more work on the girls' room:

Trying to make room for some itty-bitty dresses!

Pops and Grammy!

Pops and Grammy are in town lovin' on Jude and spoiling him absolutely rotten.

Jude got to play in 2 race cars!...

Enjoying a NY slice...

And the first house built on Staten Island just so happen to be built by Jill's Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandpa in the 1600's. So we went exploring!...

And because it was an abnormally warm day (low 50's) we played on the beach at Coney Island...

And Jude got sopping wet!....

And he didn't care one measly bit that he was soaked from the knees down. Running on the boardwalk is FUN!...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday

So our Dossier might be hitchin' a ride back to the states, but there is progress. We found out more officially that our daughters' orphanage is in training of sorts. That's why we've had to deal with another orphanage for paperwork and what not. The other orphanage is "training" our daughters' orphanage. We still don't have State level clearance, but we got this happy email from our caseworker this afternoon.

Read on, and keep praying!

Hi Auburn-

I heard from *********** (orphanage)- they have apologized they haven’t been able to figure out the paperwork, they have mentioned again that they are new to the process so this is either their first international adoption or at least their first one under the new guidelines and paperwork.

They are having a meeting this weekend together- ***** ******* and ************ to discuss your paperwork so they will try and get us the power of attorney document sometime in the next few days. So overall, movement forward and more details to come next week.

Have a good weekend!

Can you picture it? The area our girls are from never gets a winter. The record low for that part of India is 68 degrees. Crazy, right? So this weekend, in squelching, sticky, heat, nuns are meeting up to discuss our little girls!
Pray with us that their meeting is productive, and that we get the Power of Attorney paperwork on Monday. Jude and I would love to have a crazy day of notaries, county seals, apostilles, and FedEx.
Join us in praying our little girls come home SOON, and nothing stands in the way of getting them here.

Oh and I updated our adoption timeline tab at the top of our blog. It explains in more simple terms what we're waiting on before we can travel.