Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Our 3-month-anniversary of being a family forever was this week on Tuesday February 25th.
When we arrived in the U.S. Roxie weighed 18.8 lbs and Simone weighed 19.5 lbs.
Now just 3 months later Roxie weighs 22.9 lbs and Simone weighs 23.3 lbs.

Roxie gained 4.6 lbs and Simone gained 3.8 lbs in 3 months!! 

And even though the doctor had told us it would take anywhere from 8-14 months to get them on the growth charts, Simone is in the 2% for her age group! And Roxie just barely, barely, missed making it on the chart!

Just look at our little cutie-patooties:

Our first morning waking up together in the hotel in Kerala: (Roxie left, Simone right)

And 3 months later:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Roxie likes to sit up on the kitchen counter and watch me do dishes...

Simone's current favorite way to be held by Daddy...(she almost fell asleep like this the other day!)

Jude has really gotten into his big boy legos. During the girls' naps we usually spend some time on the bed putting together lego creations. He built this "jeep" completely and entirely on his own. It's an amazing process to watch his little mind choose and put together creations.

The kids got a gift package from a friend and our girlie girls couldn't wait to try on their new outfits. We had our little indoor playtime of pretend Spring, and ignored the fact that it was miserable outside.

I snuck in on Roxie during nap time and snapped a precious thumb-sucking picture...

 This has been the longest, snowiest, winter ever. We got desperate and scheduled a play-date outside despite the playground's refusal to melt the snow off. The kids found a "stick," aka a branch, and it provided lots of laughs...

Rainy day snuggles in the rocking chair. (The girls still love to be rocked like a baby in the rocker. And I love it! They could spend endless amounts of time being rocked.)

It warmed up into the 40's this weekend and it felt like summer. So we took the kids to the Central Park Zoo to see the animals and stay in the sunshine.

Trying to get the girls' picture and Simone not being in the mood...

This last picture makes me laugh, because I think it depicts everyone's personalities. (Roxie's in the backdrop giggling.)

Family Pictures

I've been meaning to post the link to some recent pictures we had taken at our favorite park.

Follow the link to view a short video of the pictures:
The Hutson Family

Friday, February 14, 2014


Saying cheeeese for the camera...

Watching cartoons...

I was reading to Simone in the other room, and walked in on this...Big brother allowing his sister to play with his hair...

First experience at getting to lick the bowl. They were champs...

Just before bedtime we were all calming down and singing songs when Simone climbed out of my lap and into Jude's...

Making Valentines...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Warm Weather!

We had a small winter thaw this weekend, just before we prepare for more frigid temps next week. We took advantage and spent a lot of time in the sunshine!

Roxie loved the swings. She was non-stop giggles, the entire time!