Friday, May 30, 2014


With warmer temps, the parks department have turned on a few of the sprinklers. So Jude showed the girls the ropes!

Roxie is our little girl that likes to take risks and try new things first. Except, when it comes to water. She hated baths for a long, long, time. And so it wasn't too shocking to see she didn't really care for the sprinklers. But just like the bath, after a few tries, I won't be able to drag her away.

Just look at Jude and Simone. You can't see the actual water in the pictures, but it's pretty obvious they're trying to drink the yummy NYC water coming out of the ground.

Simone was having so much fun and she kept yelling at the top of her lungs, "Picture! Momma, picture! Picture!"So here she is posing for her picture...

While Roxie remained dry, she was very interested in how wet her sister was getting...

So Roxie and I set ourselves down on the curb and watched Jude and Simone run around like crazies...

Her arms weren't crossed in protest the entire time. She had to have her own "Pictures!" too...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 Months

On Sunday we celebrated 6 months together as a family of five...

Here's a side-by-side of 6 months then and now pictures. But the girls are actually switched. The pic from India Simone is on the left, but the pic from home Roxie is on the left. Sorry if that's confusing! They don't look anything alike to us anymore.

We spent the Holiday weekend and our 6 month anniversary going to the playground and riding the carousel and spending the day at the Bronx Zoo.

6 Month Later Facts:

The girls no longer eat like lumberjacks after a hard days work. Seriously, just 4 months ago the girls were just beginning to slow down a bit in their food consumption. A typical day's food for one of them consisted of a sippie cup of whole milk, a cup of cheerios, 4 eggs, cinnamon toast  and a smoothie for breakfast. All day long they had a cracker in their hand if it wasn't sit down at the table and eat time. They'd eat yogurt or cottage cheese for snack, then take a 2 hour nap. Then wake up and share a sleeve of ritz crackers, along with a cup of whole milk. Then for dinner they'd eat a bowl of chili, or dahl, or meatloaf, or taco meat, along with crackers or cottage cheese/yogurt again. It was never ending! But now their appetite is much more average with just a bit of pickiness. For the most part they still don't care much for any kind of berry or chicken. We switched over to 2/% milk around month 4, and they still prefer milk over water. 

Simone is still our loud one. If we hadn't had her hearing checked I would assume she has hearing problems with how loud she talks. She kinda yells everything she says. As if everything is really dramatic. For instance, "More milk please!" at the top of her lungs. 
Simone is more our rule follower, people pleaser. And when secretly watching them from a distance Simone gets Roxie to do things against the rules, because Roxie is our bolder, riskier, more willing to disobey and show some stubbornness little girl. Sometimes I feel like I get a little glimpse of Roxie as a 15 year old and her stubbornness and I get a little scared. ;) 
Simone loves to jump and loves to show everyone she can jump. 
Simone loves her scooter and scoots super fast all over the playground and down hills. 
Both girls have recently learned to climb out of their cribs. Twin beds are in our near future. 
The girls are halfway potty-trained. We think we've eradicated all the parasites...not a 100% sure with Roxie, but it's making potty training much better. 
Simone is still a Daddy's girl. All day long she asks, "Where's Daddy?" 
When the girls get nervous or uncertain in a situation, they say "Hi." It's like a reassurance thing to make sure they're safe in their little world. They've done this since early on and it's slowing down a bit. But still, if someone new comes around, they make sure we're all okay by saying, "Hi," and waiting for Mommy or Daddy to respond with a "hi." 
The girls are tremendously smart. For real. Like they blow us away every day with how they figure things out or using new, big, words, or speaking in sentences. 
Their speech is just amazing. They are talking way, way, better than Jude ever did at 2.5 years. It might be a girl thing. 
They can recognize some letters in the alphabet and can count to 5, but sometimes a 7 or 8 ends up in there on their way to 5. :) 
Their hair is sooo curly! Not tight curls, but big curls. Like they slept in rollers kinda curls. In the bath their hair comes down to the back of their neck. But dry, you'd never know it. Simone's hair is thicker than Roxie's.
They are absolutely obsessed with the movie Frozen. I kid you not, nearly every day it's' the first word out of Simone's mouth when she wakes up from a nap. They have a super cute rendition of the song "Let It Go." Super cute. 
They can currently sing Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Where Is Thumbkin, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Let It Go. 
They're favorite toys are lego duplo's, their baby dolls, coloring/water painting, and their play kitchen. 
Roxie's favorite book is Little Golden Book Fire Engine. Simone currently doesn't have a favorite book, and would rather watch Frozen than patiently wait for me to turn a page in a book. 
They're still wearing 12 months sizes for their shorts and pants, but have moved up to 18months for tops and some 24months for dresses. Their little waists just haven't changed much, so it kinda makes it hard for fitting dresses. The dresses end up too wide in the bigger size, but too short in the smaller size.
They still love and prefer to cuddle up like a baby. For instance when we sit in the rocking chair, they want to be laying down, nuzzled up in the crook of my elbow, than sitting up like a big girl. We're all still loving that and making up for lost time. Heck, they can be my babies forever!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Random pictures for ya...

I walked in on the girls wonderfully sharing mommy's phone...

I put on my big girl pants and took all 3 kids to Target solo. And I survived...

Just hanging out...

And I'll give you one guess what they're watching. True love between two sisters and a whole lot of singing...

Stroller walks around the neighborhood...

Some days are still "3-kids-on-the-lap-mommy-has-no-space-days." Those are looong days...

The girls look so pretty in their Kerala dresses. None of their western clothes fit them as well as these dresses do...(Thank you Lisa and Joe!!)

Oh and we have full blown 2 year olds in our house. This throw yourself on the floor tantrum happened in mere seconds because her morning smoothie was not poured in the "right" cup. Duh...

This was the end of a nap that was way too short and thus nobody was happy and Roxie was very angry. And sometimes all a mommy can do is take some quick pics and console. And FYI, taking pictures just makes them more angry.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

We spent a very beautiful Mother's Day at the beach. It's the only place in the world where the kids get to play and we don't have to parent. :) 
The sand and water are incredible babysitters. 

Roxie had issues this time around with dumping sand in her mouth. Silly girl.

Jude created lots of "sand angels"...

The parks department had recently raked the sand with big bulldozers and it made for lots and lots of running and leaping...

Roxie and Daddy....

Because you're at the beach, and because you're little, you think you have to fill every crevice with sand...

And I'll leave you with a little questionnaire Brett asked Jude...

My mom is 5 years old.

My mom weighs "this high" pounds.

My mom's favorite color is pink.

My mom's favorite food is pizza.

My mom always says, "I love all the babies." and "Harvey! Jude! Harvey!"

My mom cooks the best macaroni.

My mom's job is to play at the playground.

My mom laughs when pretend.

If my mom had time, she would love to cook and pet the dogs.

My mom and I like to got to the park, the under the bridge playground.

My mom really loves tractors.